My mom doesn’t even work. She just types on her computer all day.”
— My 6-year-old not yet understanding the power of the Internet & Wifi

The dawn of a new (female empowered) age is upon us. More women than ever before are entering the workforce, kicking a$$, and taking names...or at least phone numbers & email addresses. Whether they come via traditional career paths as doctors, lawyers, or businesswomen, as network marketers with their own home-based businesses, or as aspiring entrepreneurs with nothing more than a dream and a prayer, women are poised to become the future breadwinners of their families. 

And if you think the #BOSSMOM era is reserved solely for millennials and young 20-somethings, you are sorely mistaken. The rise of the Mom Boss is for anyone who has the hustle, the grit, and the determination to succeed. These women hear opportunity knocking and choose not to let fear hold them back from achieving their dreams. 

Be confident in your abilities. Embrace fear as a way to change and grow in ways you never thought possible. Empower others. Remember that success is not reserved for a select few, but for anyone who is willing to go and get it. Be kind to others. Pay it forward. Beyonce already answered the question, but in case you forgot: Who runs the world? GIRLS.  

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