On practicing his ABC’s by learning to write new words:
”Mommy, how do you spell ‘duck face poop head’?”
— Proud Mommy Moment

Life is busy, like ridiculously busy. And the "catch-up" days where you have zero on your to-do list are the ones where, despite the grandest of ambitions, you get zero things accomplished. I am constantly trying to figure out how to streamline my life, how to automate the redundant tasks so that I can spend the vast majority of my "free" time doing exactly what I want to be doing. Ironically,  this wishful thinking has led me here, to the eBook section of my blog. Truth be told, I wanted to name it MiniMags (like mini magazines), or MiniPubs (as in, mini publications), but in the hopes that you would easily find what you need, I decided to stick to something tried and true. But be forewarned that a name change may be coming in the future. 

Don't let the title "eBook" frighten you away. I am a mom. I work full-time. I have 2,927 things to do each day and only enough time for 50 of them...if I'm lucky. I get i! But, before you go adding these to your never ending "someday-when-I-have-time" reading list, realize that these eBooks cater specifically to you, the crazy-busy-hair-on-fire mom. They are short and sweet, get right to the point, and are meant to be consumed in less time than it takes for your child to make it through a dental cleaning. So much knowledge, so much inspiration, in so little time! Get all the info you need, in one place, in a way that makes it enjoyable. 

Now that is something we can all raise our glasses to. If there is a topic that you are dying to know more about, let me know: kristi@thesometimessinglemom.com. Thanks so much for reading!